Exit Lessons


Adopting an "Exit Mindset" for a Win-Win Deal

Maximizing Your Exit Strategy: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Small Business Exit Lessons is a critical guide for small business tech entrepreneurs on a topic they often fail to consider: developing an exit mindset. This book helps business founders and owners set up, grow, and run their businesses, ever mindful of the exit plan to successfully license or sell their company.

Planning your successful exit from the beginning will build your business on a firm foundation, foster steady growth, reduce overhead, and help to ensure a successful exit. This book includes the author’s advice and expertise gleaned from his decades running five businesses, selling two and licensing three. Included is feedback from other successful entrepreneurs, business buyers, and investors. There are case studies and reviews of his experiences, on a wide variety of topics, including assembling your team, marketing, funding, R&D, delegating, finding the right customers, negotiating deals, and life after selling your business. The book also features excerpts from actual agreements and an outline to help readers create their own exit plans.

Read this book to start, grow, and sell your business or license your technology.

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